… the final result :)

… after testing a couple of extension cards for my dlive system (c2500 surface w/ a cdm32 mixrack and a m-dante card in it) i ended up with the waves v3 card. with this card i get 128 channels in both directions (in/out) at 96khz clocked digitally from the dlive itself and an integrated 3-port gigabit switch. so my macmini for multirack soundgrid, my tuned 🙂 soundgrid impact server and for recording purposes my macbook pro will be connected to this switch. so external plugs can be integrated with the lowest latency (e.g. when using zero-latency plugs i run it w/ 1,23ms all-over groupdelay; no matter how the sampling frequency is set). fine! side note: i tested the digigrid MGB one week ago using my m-madi card with good results as well. this is a really road tough gear as well with the capability to bring soundgrid to any madi-based console! nice! my dlive is now loaded with enormous extra power and ready for upcoming shows, that are in cue aready!!! 🙂

#allenandheath #choosedlive #dlive #wavesaudio #wavessoundgrid #foh #livesound #soundengineer #andreasputz

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