… livestreaming! the new corporate jobs these days :)

… i was hired to do the audio livestreaming for #reweinternational in #vienna. all chairmen and other directors of this big company were captured with multiple cameras and they spoke to their employees using the inhouse intranet. on show day 1 i used an #allenandheath #dlive s3000 surface and a dm32 stagerack, that was fed with 8 #sennheiser ew500g4 wireless lavalier microphones, 8 #shure gooseneck microphones and some audio lines from video sources. in parallel to the stream we recorded the whole event a couple of times on ssd’s. i was using my #waves #soundgrid system w/ my new sg mobile server and some really stunning plugins to sweeten and tighten up the speech soundquality. especially for speech purposes some plugs can be a great weapon. the 2nd show day was a bit smaller but with livesound reinforcement and i was using a #sq5, that’s an awesome, really powerful desk as well. mostly mixing with headphones; that’s why my ears were red after the shows 🙂 haha! #choosedlive #knowledgbase #realengineering #foh #livesound #soundengineer #andreasputz

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