… some sound-related thoughts :)

… my office is a very inspiring space where i can check out some new techniques for my upcoming shows. well-prepared digital mixing desks are an essential part of every live show and in these times especially for livestreaming events. some topics like audio integration into video feeds and media servers, mixbus-routings (e.g. mix-minus, aux-feeds, …), gain structure, latency issues, etc. must be understood. i’ve done a couple of livestreaming events of different sizes for months. i think that’s a very important part of our sound engineering biz that will be increasingly present in our future. this encouraged me to adapt my lesson scripts at the NDU, where i’m honored to teach young students in sound engineering. so „audio for livestreaming events“ will be a dedicated chapter then. i’m looking forward to this! another part of me being a sound engineer is the so called media systemintegration. this is as well an interesting and growing thing in my jobs due to the „abrupt stop“ in live events since march 2020. the next project in spring will be a nice venue full of #audinate dante-based audio where i will integrate fixed audio- and videosystems in a really „easy-to-use“ manner for inhouse (technical) employees. for bigger live events advanced connection possibilities are planned further. i’m looking forward to this as well!

#knowledgebase #mediaintegration #realengineering #soundengineer #andreasputz

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